Charles Hodgkins

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Over the years, a number of people have chimed in with kind words about my work. I've had several rewarding experiences throughout my career, and these individuals have all played important roles as managers, editors, clients, and colleagues.

Linda Kelly on my editing, personnel management, and content management

"A sense of humor, no matter how tense the deadline or difficult the project, is crucial — in fact, mandatory — in the editorial world. And Charles always had it as my Deputy Managing Editor. Aside from his great talents in editing, personnel management, and content management, he is an ace writer/editor in his own right. Because of his attention to details and deadlines, our content and editorial process always ran smoothly. He helped deliver high-quality, engaging, unique, and entertaining text, always on time and on target in support of our overall voice and needs. I greatly valued Charles' efforts supporting both day-to-day and special project requirements. He's a pleasure to work with, as well as a wicked word wrangler, and he'd be an asset to any editorial team/project. I vote yes on Hodgkins!"

— Linda Kelly, former Managing Editor at iVillage

Tim Scanlin on my copywriting

"When Brandracket needed spotless, dynamic, and entertaining music blog copy for several of our lifestyle brand clients, I knew Charles was the guy for the job. His deep knowledge of the history of popular music gives him the ability to connect the dots between then and now, while his genuine enthusiasm for new artists and voices ensures that the tone of his copy is always positive, engaging, and informative. A gifted writer and editor who's articulate, insightful, and extremely reliable, he's been a huge asset to our company. We'll never go anywhere else for our editorial needs."

— Tim Scanlin, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Brandracket

Gavin Rhodes on my copywriting

"I've run a PR company for over ten years and have worked with dozens — if not hundreds — of writers. Charles makes my top five without a second thought. He's easy to work with, timely, professional, and an amazing and versatile writer."

— Gavin Rhodes, Director of Marketing at Audible Treats

Nick Tangborn on my music editorial writing, editing, and personnel management

"Charles was a wonderful manager of his team, a dedicated, hard-working writer and editor, and is an all-around good guy. I recommend him highly."

— Nick Tangborn, former VP of Content at (now Rhapsody)

Kat Oak on my personnel management

"I loved working with Charles at iVillage! He's incredibly organized, communicates clearly, proactively manages expectations, and treats the folks he's managing with respect. As a freelance consultant who often works remotely, it's essential that I can easily connect with my client, and Charles was always immediately responsive to any questions or concerns I had. I worked with Charles for six of my nearly seven years with iVillage, and he made my time there a seamless experience. If you have the opportunity to work with him, definitely do it!"

— Kat Oak, former Writer and Editor at iVillage

John Alderman on my music editorial writing

"Everyone should be so lucky as to work with someone like Charles. He's competent without being pedantic, passionate without being reckless, and dependable without being boring. When he's at work on something, you know it's going to be fun to read, well-reasoned, and that you'll walk away knowing more than you did before, whether it's about soulful burritos or gut-wrenching jazz pianists."

— John Alderman, former Music and Lifestyles Editor at at CNET (now CBS Interactive)

Kathryn McEachern on my food writing

"Charles is a valuable asset to any editorial team. He's hard-working and diligent and tackles every project with equal parts enthusiasm and professionalism. He works incredibly well independently and is proactive about helping the team, instead of waiting for assignments. As a writer, he possesses a very rare combination of creativity and distance: He is clearly passionate about his work, but is also able to graciously and maturely accept feedback — and the end product is always strong as a result."

— Kathryn McEachern, former Senior Content Manager at ChefsBest

Brad Harvey on my food writing and content production

"Charles does exceptional work, takes direction like a pro, and is a motivated self-starter. He approaches his job with an eye for detail and shows laser-like focus on the task at hand. I highly recommend Charles and look forward to working with him again when the opportunity arises."

— Brad Harvey, former Project and Content Manager at ChefsBest

Jeremy Nisen on my urban environment writing

"During my tenure at SFist, I was thrilled to bring Charles onboard as a contributor. Long an admirer of his other projects, I had hopes that his sharp sensibilities, quirky humor, and excellent writing would bring something new, fresh, and lasting to the site. Charles more than fulfilled my expectations. To this day, his Blocker features remain some of the best SFist ever carried. It's the kind of evergreen content a city blog can really hang its hat on. I'd hire Charles for any kind of writing or editing project in a second, given the opportunity."

— Jeremy Nisen, former Editor at

Nick Smith on my speech writing

"Thanks to Charles, I 'killed' a recent awards dinner audience with a speech he wrote for me."

— Nick Smith, Correspondent at KGO-TV

Dave LaDuke on my copywriting

"Charles did a nice little piece for Sputnik to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our namesake, the Sputnik 1 satellite. Charles' writing is dry, witty, well researched, thoughtful, and he completed the assignment ahead of time. He is a pleasure to work with, and as good as his word. If you're looking for a writer, I would highly recommend Charles."

— Dave LaDuke, CEO at

Tim Mitchell on my music editorial writing and content production

"Charles has an excellent work ethic and a great attitude. He's one of those people who can take his job seriously without taking himself too seriously, and as a result is a great team player. He writes very well and can be serious as well as sardonic. He also has excellent taste in both music and burritos...a combination that's hard to find, quite frankly. I fully endorse the Hodge."

— Tim Mitchell, former Director of at CNET (now CBS Interactive)

Daniel Taylor on

"I knew was a genius site from the first time I laid eyes on it. But it was on a fine San Francisco day, a couple years back, while lost somewhere in the Inner Sunset that I realized the sheer awesomeness of it. I accessed the site from my phone, used the neighborhood search function, found an amazing burrito spot tucked away on a side street that I never would have found on my own, and enjoyed a fantastic lunch. They say the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and thus, my eternal love burns bright for"

— Daniel Taylor, former Editor at Synthesis Magazine / Synthesis Network

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